I've always liked the idea of telling a story. Whether in animation, day dreaming, or playtime with my daughter.

Over time, I realised my hobby interests had transitioned to miniature conversion. That was my passion... to create something original and unique.  

Versatile Terrain.

The driving force of the company is creating unique, quality products, using over 20 years of experience in the 3D industry.

Gaming can be expensive, so we wanted to create a product that has multiple uses, catering for the variety of games out on the market. After many prototypes and planning,  'Terrain Tiles' was born.

An up and coming Kickstarter mid 2018, where players have the ability to create new builds every time they play. Whether its an imposing bridge, grim halls and alcoves or multilevel buildings. Change your line of sight, cover and even replace tiles with ruins when big blasts hit.

We hope we will be able to offer you something new.

More information will follow, regarding the Kickstarter launch. I'll be updating my progress on a regular basis.

Quality, durability and versatility are the key components of any Versatile Terrain product. It is our belief that gamers deserve the best.

Our first available product are the CUSTOM NAME PLATES, for your character bases. Another unique product that we hope will help the narrative, whether its role playing, table top gaming or display models.

A customer order - recessed plates with Gothic Font for 32mm bases

A customer order - recessed plates with Gothic Font for 32mm bases

Should you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.


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