In 2019, we will launch a Kickstarter, offering a range of tiles that are modular, magnetic and 3D printed sci fi terrain that will transform your 28mm tabletop games. With emphasis on narrative gaming, easy storage and adaptive, creative builds.



The product range will expand over time, allowing you to add unique tiles to your Versatile Terrain collection. Develop your story and 'build your narrative!'.

Here are some of the key features of the tile range;

  • Dimensions: L 75mm x W 75mm x D 15mm printed tiles.

  • Each tile comes with columns that acts as a polarity switcher or building support.

  • Intuitive construction, the magnetic pull/push guiding you to build bigger and stronger.

  • Great for storage. Easy to dismantle.

  • Immersive design, adding a realistic depth to the walls and floors.

  • No need to buy new terrain kits, just add a few extra tiles and change the way you play!

  • Combine styles... Medieval and Industrial, and build unique theme.

  • Multi use tiles. Use individual designs for bridges, floors, walls...whatever you like!